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308 Systems


TAC-PAK is deployed by over 360 Agencies for 15 years, is a wireless battery powered EOC in a Briefcase, supporting multiple team members.

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  • Fort Collins, CO 80521
  • United States
  • Phone: 970-282-7006
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  • Website: http://www.308systems.com

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Product From 308 Systems
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Product From 308 Systems

The TAC-PAK provides an emergency responder the ability to establish a mobile Emergency Operations Center with the capability to share Internet service with 99 local users. A single TAC-PAK, in the hands of an Emergency Responder, complete with satellite telephone, rugged laptop computer, and wireless router, can deploy anywhere and much quicker than a traditional mobile command van/bus. This capability gives a town, city or county Emergency Responder the unique ability to establish a local area network together with other organizations at the incident location and to reachback to state and federal EOCs across the country with real time information.

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