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Utilizing a patented concept, the ACU-SIGHT is a self-contained laser bore sight. By its caliber-specific design, each unit is assured of accuracy. As each unit is designed to meet SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute) specifications, the ACU-SIGHT precisely matches the chamber of the firearm. Utilizing such a precise fit, each unit is assured of proper seating and alignment within the firearm chamber; thereby, achieving center-of-the-bore placement and matching the path of the bullet. This concept, by its design, provides the ultimate in bore sighting accuracy. As a self-contained unit, the size of the actual cartridge, the ACU-SIGHT provides a convenient bore-sighting device. Its size allows the ACU-SIGHT to be easily carried and used anywhere the firearm is taken. The power source for each ACU-SIGHT is designed to be user-friendly. Powered by readily available batteries, the power source is changeable by the user in any environment without special tools.