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Gentex Corporation is an integrated life support systems company for human protection and for enhanced human performance during periods of intense environmental exposures. One of the major markets for Gentex is defense, both U.S. Armed Forces and the military units of numerous other nations. Gentex also produces commercial products, developed as a by-product of technologies created for military uses. The company's extensive research and development efforts are designed to serve both military and civilian applications.
  • 324 Main St.
  • Simpson, PA 18407
  • United States
  • Phone: 570-282-3550
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  • Fax: 570-282-8555
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Rampart Chemical Biological Defense Overgarment

Product From GENTEX CORP.

Offered by Gentex Corp., the Rampart Chemical Biological Defense Overgarment is a two-piece system comprised of a coat and trousers designed to be worn as a duty uniform by tactical users, including SWAT and first responders. The Rampart Overgarment is comprised of Gentex's Lifetex CD-2560-4 fabric, which includes an outer layer of cotton/nylon woven ripstop fabric with a durable oil- and water-resistant finish. The coat features a functional hood, which interfaces with several respirators, including the MSA-Millennium, M40, M50, M53 and MCU-2P. The coat is specially tailored shorter than other tactical garments, preventing interference with wearer's utility belt. Waistband and wrists feature VELCRO tabs for further fitting adjustments. Zippered pockets on front chest area offer access and storage of essential tactical gear and accessories. The trousers feature high bib-style waist; extra-wide, adjustable suspenders; and zipper closures at leg bottoms. Flapped pockets at both hips offer tactical gear and accessories storage.

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