Imagine all the Officers

The good news is that we really don’t have to IMAGINE what it would be like to have a device that could host the software that turns critical data into useful information. We already have devices and software out there that can manage this for us. So...

  • Improve accuracy and speed up data entry by reading information on IDs and licenses with a barcode scanning device
  • Reduce capital outlays and increase security of data by using cloud-based applications
  • Speed up the rollout and adoption of technology with the ability to remotely manage the devices
  • Decrease the amount of administrative time officers and IT departments spend on damaged equipment and device failures when the device being used is specifically designed to work well in harsh environments


So what are you waiting for?  Let us show you a demo of this amazing solution and see for yourself what your team can tackle with the right tools.  Contact L-Tron Corporation today at 800-830-9523 or email us and we’ll get you headed in the right direction.

About L-Tron:

L-Tron Corporation is a leading technology solution provider to Law Enforcement agencies and other industries that benefit from the automation of processes for mobile workers.  L-Tron brings their expertise to to share ideas and information on current trends in the market that improve processes and increase efficiencies in order to better serve our communities.


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