Rome's special police: La Squadra Anti Sette

Call it a special operation, but there's a team designated for when a cult is suspect

The team SAS, it seems, was created under the "Direzione centrale anticrimine" in 2006. (While Google translates this to "Service Central Operations of the Central Anti-Crime Directorate" I've found another site calling it "Central Directorate for Anti-Crime - Central Operational Service," the later seems to make more sense to me.) In short, they investigate crimes which have any group "dedicated to practices of magic, occultism and Satanism" a.k.a any sect. 

Apparently the word sect was more appropriate than "cult," it being more vague to avoid discrimination.

I found a site that illustrates a type of wanted ad for what they called an "anti-cult agent" back in 2005. The site tells of the call appearing in a dossier under the heading "Hunting the devil" for a religious culture journal. (Note the lowercase d.) The blog I mentioned earlier postulates that this SAS team was created in response to the murder of Sister Mainetti. 

The SAS may or may not exist today, I cannot be sure, but that's not the point. It's the fact that the team DID exist. And my guess is the cases they had to investigate were more frightening than what we get from late night B-horror movies, main-stream Hollywood or independent films can produce. These were real crimes done by real people, done for a cause they strongly believed.

And that puts chills up my spine.

Happy Halloween everyone.

Stay safe.

Sr. Mainetti:
The "wanted" ad:
Creation of the SAS:
The circular can be seen here:
Blog referencing the SAS creation announcement:


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