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What is Cloud-Based Data Management?

Cloud-based data management is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to on-premise software.  For database users, cloud databases allow for much larger amounts of data to be collected (things like DOB, date of last arrest, calls to an area in the last 30 days, etc.) as well as free up space on in-house databases.   Our previous blog on big data focused on massive amounts of data that exist both in the public sector and with other resources (retailers), and the ways in which Law Enforcement can benefit from having access to it.   Cloud-based data management allows us to make lots of room for this data, but there are often a lot of questions, such as:

How do we turn this data into information we can use?

How would Law Enforcement actually analyze this data? 

What types of reporting would be available?

With budget cuts forcing police departments to streamline their operations, the challenge is to do so without compromising the high level of police service provided.  On top of budget cuts, other responsibilities like emergency management and working to reduce instances of repeat offenders are becoming part of a Law Enforcement Officer’s daily duty.  Access to more data through the right technology allows Law Enforcement to function more effectively under these constraints.  GPS technology, for example, is used to incorporate mapping abilities with real-time data to help fight crime by being more informed about people and places.  Seeing where and what kinds of crimes have taken place allow for greater visibility. For Law Enforcement agencies, this type of solution enables them to make informed decisions based on real statistics in their communities.  One such application is a crime analysis and mapping solution that L-Tron offers, which helps Law Enforcement agencies design and execute successful tactical missions with fewer resources and expenses.  For example, the ability to plan and schedule Officers in certain areas based on specific activities, initiatives and problem areas allows for more efficient allocation of resource. 

Information is just a click away. On a Smartphone built for harsh environments like Honeywell’s Dolphin™ 70e Black, the number of warrants, citations, parolees, gang members, sex offenders, etc. for a specific radius can be viewed by the user and built into a patrolling strategy based on the conditions of the areas officers need to patrol.  This device was designed to withstand drops to concrete, dust and water sprays, and operates just like a Smartphone should.  It even takes pictures and has a built-in barcode scanner to make license scanning easy.

Data visualization tools enable you to plan a patrol strategy based on things like the location of crimes, the number of times these crimes took place and when the crimes last occurred.  When Officers are given secure, authorized-only access to important ‘street’ data, they are given more than just information.  These tools provide the insight needed to solve crimes faster, to respond to calls more efficiently and more importantly, prevent crimes from ever happening.  Using data from the past and present and formulating it on dashboards that are easy to view, manipulate and scale empower Law Enforcement agencies as well as neighboring jurisdictions. 

With the ability to process data in order to understand trends, identify patterns and learn more about areas in the community that are considered high-risk areas, these data management solutions create an empowered police force, a safer environment and a happier place to live.  Another advantage of having a policing solution with these features is that you can evaluate the ROI of the missions that have been executed in order to make course corrections on future missions.  This is a valuable feature and is easily analyzed using the data collected for the program.  And since many of these packages operate on Android-based tablets and Smartphones as well as iOS devices, the world of hardware options opens up!

If this sounds like an app that you’ve been waiting for, let us show you a demo of our solution.  Contact L-Tron Corporation at 800-830-9523 and we’ll provide you with the information and demonstration materials to get you headed in the right direction.

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