Big Data to the Rescue

Public data systems can be massive, making the exporting of data a difficult task. It could require multiple servers and millions of dollars to manage, depending on the amount of information available.

What kind of budget does an agency need to afford this type of solution?  As you may imagine, there are massive amounts of this data around – so much so that it’s almost too large to manage with the database systems that are currently in place.  But the truth is, with a crime analysis data management solution in place, the return on investment is huge – particularly when we’re talking about pulling the bad guys off the street and reducing crime numbers in our communities.  The mobile devices alone immediately decrease labor costs by eliminating manual processes and data entry.  Using a rugged device like the Dolphin 70e Black drastically reduces the time spent trouble shooting and managing damaged equipment too, because it was designed to be used in environments where they may get bumped around, dropped and exposed to the elements.

At L-Tron we’ve combined our solutions expertise with a software mapping program to provide a full-service solution to the public sector offering demographic analysis, crime analysis, investigative intelligence and more.   To learn more about cloud-based data management and solutions we recommend to the public sector, contact L-Tron Corporation at 800-830-9523 and we’ll provide you with the information and demonstration materials to get you headed in the right direction.


L-Tron Corporation is a leading technology solution provider to Law Enforcement agencies and other industries that benefit from the automation of processes for mobile workers.  L-Tron brings their expertise to to share ideas and information on current trends in the market that improve processes and increase efficiencies in order to better serve our communities.  



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