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Industry Insights: Leadership Impact

Every one of us has our “niche.”  We each have that area of expertise that we’ve excelled in either due to a personal interest or because the requirements of our job assignment motivated us along.  No matter the reason, as first stated, every one of us has our niche.  Here at we came to the realization that we weren’t tapping that available expertise and, in the interest of providing our readership with the best “latest and greatest” information available, we’ve launched the “Industry Insights” blogs.

So what are Industry Insights?  Through the Industry Insights blogs has invited industry leaders, each in their own select field of expertise, to create educational blogs.  They will inevitably use their own experience and products to demonstrate what they’re trying to communicate but that’s not sales pitch: that’s instructional support.

Think of it this way: When I teach wilderness survival, I often use my own book on emergency preparedness as a teaching tool.  When I’m teaching active shooter response, I use my own gear to demonstrate set up and help explain why I have things a particular way.  The industry leaders who have stepped up to offer these educational and informative pieces will do the same thing.

This new section of’s blogosphere will be populated about bi-weekly – give or take a few days, depending on circumstance.  The topics covered aren’t scheduled in advance but depend on what we’re provided by those in the industry who step up to help keep us informed.  I would imagine the topics can range from boot construction to developing firearms design to software management systems and emergency response best practices.  In other words: anything!

As a 30+ year veteran of uniformed work (military & law enforcement) I can’t help but wonder at the value of this.  No, I’m not trying to toot’s own horn, but consider how much police work has changed in the past couple of decades.  Heck, the first patrol car I drove still had a fixed radio in it; no portable for me to pop out and take with me.  There were no computers in police stations and dispatchers still did everything written on cards.  Typing wasn’t even a required skill!

So here we are at the beginning (still) of a new millennium and we’re watching law enforcement work evolve as fast as the technology that supports us.  It’s our hope, at, that having these Industry Insights entries, provided by industry leaders, each in their own specific field, will help you to keep up with the changes as they occur.  After all, if you’re standing still you’re actually falling behind.  Catching up is always harder than staying in the race to begin with.

Your feedback is always appreciated.  Please let us know if you have any ideas of how we can better serve your information services needs.

Stay safe!