Live Blog: "The Unit" - It's Not a Movie - Day 1

I'm trying something new here. I'm a freak so I'll admit that I will probably go back and edit - however I will try and keep true. This is my version of a "live blog." Meaning, I'm going to try a product and write about my experiences.

Right now it's May 1, roughly 1:30 p.m. (central). I've eaten a worthless lunch around noon, had two cups of coffee this morning - which is low for me - and I'm feeling a bit sluggish: a perfect opportunity to tell you about the following:

"The Unit" (their name, not mine) was officially launched the end of March 2013 by the company 7 Innovations. The release states it's "exclusively design for active-duty law enforcement officials." The concoction has been formulated by a doctor to increase muscle, offer pre-shift energy, maintain mental stamina, promote active weight control, and "help officers relax after their patrol." I was supplied with five parts of The Unit: 10-7, Bulletproof, Riot, Academy Conditioner, and Headquarter.

Each has a specific role meant to benefit officers: muscle gain, energy, mental stamina, weight control, relaxation and recovery. There is further material on each, for this blog I'll spare you the details.

Full disclosure

Before I try one I feel it important to state the I have tried various other energy drinks ... One even comes in  a small bottle, another a massive aluminum can, and another that said it would "give me wings". HOWEVER, not all of these Unit products are an energy drink, as I've already stated. Each variation reports different results.

These are neither shot nor can. The Unit are sprays in small 1 ounce glass bottles. 


It is now about 3 p.m. and can finally get back to this project; sluggish doesn't begin to describe how I'm feeling. I'll be trying the Riot pre-shift energy, I'll give it thee sprays, the directed amount. ... Taste: almost nill. Perhaps it being a spray part lessens the metallic taste of other energy supplements. That's an improvement. So far... So good.

Its been about 20 minutes and I do feel a difference. I'm not jumping off the walls or feeling sick to my stomach with sugar-packed-water. Am I energized to keep beating a drumb like a pink bunny? No. 

But I'm not tired - which is the key here. I've got a good long commute ahead of me, falling asleep is a bad idea.

Whenever I take energy supplements I've always felt a strange slight pressure right around my sinuses, just above the nose. This is no different. 

Am I wired? Headache? Jittery? No. I've felt the jitters of too much caffeine (grew up with a steady stream of Mountain Dew and GoldenEye here) but with such a small "drink" I'm doubting its enough to cause "the shakes."

It's now about 45 minutes post-spray. I've been at my desk and feel anxious, but its a good anxious. I feel I want to get up and move and I'm trapped sitting here fighting a computer. My body wants to move, my mind wants to get my body moving.

Note: Without the typical nauseous gut-rot of other supplements, I feel my kidneys are going to survive this experiment.

It will be interesting how the remainder of this day goes; after the end-of-day Thursday I plan to try the relaxing spray and discover its effects.

After 5 p.m. I had my drive home (past tense, no typing and driving here). Sitting in the car for so long decreased my heart rate, I became relaxed, calm ... a typical drive home for me. (I've got a long drive in the country with very little, if any, traffic.) The effects soon wore off and went away.

To this my theory, I believe this energy spray would work best if you're planning activity in the near future - and pay attention to the suggested directions. If you spray this pre-shift and sit in your patrol car for a few hours before any strenuous activity, I can't say with certainty that this will hold it's effect to full impact.

Did I say the spray provided an "energy crash?" No, I didn't because there wasn't one; I'd compare it to "OK! LET'S GO" to "ok, sure, I can do that." Simplistic metaphor, but hopefully the picture is clear enough. Roughly this brought be 2 hours of energy, mind you I sat at my desk the entire time. But that's three hours from three sprays under the tongue.

It is worth noting that 10% of each sale is donated to the NLEOMF, and I appreciate that.

Check back for day 2: the post-shift relaxer. I'll spray the energy again, at 3 p.m., let the effects happen and try the next around 5.