Cruising the Streets

As posted on the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund webpage, traffic-related accident deaths are DOWN 38 percent from the beginning of the year (comparing February 20, 2013 to the same date in 2012).

Many of the following products are designed to keep that score as low as possible, keeping any law enforcement officer safe during traffic stops, motorcycle patrol or driving your squad. Many even have a story to them, by image alone.

There isn’t much more iconic of an image than the lit-up wig-wags reflected in a rear-view mirror. I’ll go out on a limb and say that most people aren’t overwhelmed with joy to be pulled over, but most have no idea what’s behind this controlled situation: the training, the right equipment, experiences, etc. We dedicate the Cruising the Streets section to this hidden industry; one that does its job because you have to.

Stay…be… safe out there.

Thank you.