Continued Improvement vs. Disliked Change

We want the "latest and greatest" performance from the technology that we use, and at the same time we get stressed by change. That conflict creates a challenge for everyone...

We had, and have, users who have followed for a decade or more.  For some of those "old timers" (to the site, not chronologically), the changes weren't as welcome.  They were used to the old page and the old way of doing things.  As easy and clean as the "new" site is, they didn't like having to learn the new organization of things (even though the large majority of them already knew it because of its virtual department structure).  Some of those folks expressed their displeasure with the new structure, new navigation, new "feel."  I can't help but be reminded of an officer I used to work with who did nothing but complain about his eight year old patrol car because it was so decrepit, but then complained endlessly about his brand new patrol car because nothing was where he was used to it being.  I guess you just can't make some folks happy.

So...  When we at contemplate change, we DO take into consideration the balance.  We DON'T just do what we want without consideration for our readers and users.  Anything we change IS meant to make your visits and use easier, more efficient and more supportive of your informational needs.  With that in mind, I'd ask you to support us in two ways (and neither of them requieres you sending money):

1) If you find something that doesn't work, send us an email and let us know.  Send your email to or just click on that CONTACT US link in the far upper right hand corner of every page.

2) SHARE your experience in law enforcement.  Use the Squad Room and Forums (locker room) to upload your photos and videos, making sure you don't put yourself in hot water with your agency as you do so.

As the Editor of, a retired officer and still active police trainer, I consider myself kind of the "caretaker."  I view as a virtual law enforcement agency and I want to make sure that when you come to visit you can find what you need, retrieve the information you seek, and keep yourself informed to complete another safe shift on the streets.  I'd put refreshments in the lobby if I could...


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