Lever-Action? Really?

Frank Borelli

they look too aggressive they look too militaristic
  • It only holds 5-10 rounds of ammo depending on caliber.
  • You have to lever-action every spent shell out and every new cartridge in
  • Recoil is usually greater than semi-auto rifles because there is no recoil absorption system
  • It doesn't look "militaristic" or "aggressive" at all
  • The general public has a favorable attitude about these weapons thanks to Hollywood
  • Some of the available calibers pack a LOT more punch than the .223
  • They take a lot of abuse and keep functioning
  • They aren't fickle about cleanliness
  • They cost less (in general) than an AR style rifle or a true M4/M16 (unless you get one surplus).
those evil looking battle rifles