Pre-SHOT Show 2010

Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief Next week in Las Vegas there will be a collection of industry players gathered the likes of which is only seen once each year. What do we call this event? SHOT Show. It is, at the same time, more work...

Frank Borelli

  • walk approximately 10-15 miles each day the show floor is open
  • handle approximately five dozen firearmss
  • handle approximately eight dozen knives
  • handle approximately three dozen flashlights
  • look at a dozen new boot designs
  • look at a dozen or more new backpack designs
  • I'll see a bunch of new products I'm not sure there's a need for
  • I'll talk to several hundred people
  • I'll have at least one conversation about something the law enforcement community needs that doesn't exist
Shooting, Hunting & Outdoor Trade
  • Enhance your experience.

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