The Haircut

Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief A quick look at my photo shows that I haven't had to worry about my hair cut for quite some time. In fact, after I left uniformed police work in early 2000 I actually grew it out. That only lasted a few...

Frank Borelli

hair cut
  • Are there other officers - of any race - on that agency being permitted to patrol with the same hairstyle?
  • Are there regulations in the Personnel Code or General Orders that prohibit such?
  • Does this hairstyle permit proper wear of uniform items such as the issued hat(s)?
  • Does this hairstyle permit proper wear and use of personal protective equipment such as gas masks or helmets?
Does the hairstyle in question reflect a professional image; one of maturity, experience, good judgment and service? protect and serve protects and defends professional perceived not perceived
if Uniform uniform uniform uniform
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