EMS Personnel and Electronic Control Devices

Frank Borelli
  • If we had used the term "Electronic Control Devices" (ECDs) instead of "TASER", I can't help but wonder if it would have made a difference.  We certainly didn't mean to focus on the manufacturer of the tool - as there are other companies who make ECDs.  We meant to focus on the tool and I can't help but wonder if the negative general media exposure for TASER had an impact on the answers.
  • Based on the 27% response on Officer.com for the first option, an average of one in every four police officers feels that EMS responders should have the Law Enforcement standard ECD provided it's accompanied with proper training for deployment and treatment.  To me this is neat.  More police feel more ambulance personnel SHOULD HAVE ECDs.  Do you think the EMS folks ever would have thought they had that much support from the police side?
  • 7% of each community felt that ECDs would be good to have but only in the vehicle; not on the person.  I don't get that at all.  The point of having the self-defense tool is to be able to defend yourself from an immediate and spontaneous attack.  What good does the ECD do when it's in the ambulance and you're inside an apartment rendering aid when attacked?
  • In total, 55% of the LE community feels EMS personnel should have such tools.  Compare that to 50% of the EMS folks who responded on Firehouse.com.  Again I have to wonder if the EMS side doesn't realize the support they enjoy from the LE side?
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