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Got A Spare Tire?

Well, you did it again - had too much to eat and drink from Thanksgiving through Christmas and New Years. That hint of a spare tire is no longer a faint bulge; it’s grown into a full blown tire. So what’s the plan? How do you get back into your fitness routine? I recommend working with a tire - a big one - preferably a truck or tractor tire.

Here’s your path, should you choose to follow it: I’m about to outline a basic tire workout routine that will involve your entire body in just 20 – 30 minutes. You’ll only need three things: a large tire, a sledgehammer, and the right mindset. If you’re all in, here it is:

  • 5 tire flips followed by 10 reps w/each hand using sledgehammer
  • 5 tire flips followed by 10 reps of mountain climbers using tire
  • 5 tire flips followed by 10 reps pushups using tire
  • 5 tire flips followed by 10 reps situps or plank on tire
  • 5 tire flips followed by 10 reps of jump ups on tire


That completes one circuit. Do 3 – 5 circuits for a complete workout.

Check the video and photos accompanying this article for guidance. You will notice we used a 300-pound tire for both the man and woman (Dennis Galan and Katie Schlemm). Challenge yourself. This total body exercise should last 30 minutes or less; rest only in between circuits. Perform this workout twice a week for 4 – 6 weeks and you’ll be back in the ballgame instead of on the bench.

The tire workout was filmed at Dan Emory’s East Coast Strength & Power, in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Stay safe, Brothers and Sisters!