Rogers Rail Lite & Streamlight MicroStream

I can foresee two primary scenarios in which this mounted light system would be used: on a home defense handgun or as an emergency backup light system on your duty handgun.

Online, the Rogers Rail Lite has an MSRP of $34.95 and that includes the Streamlight MicroStream flashlight as well as the lanyard for the light and a spare tailcap activation button rubber cover.  Oddly enough, most of the prices I’ve seen online are HIGHER than the MSRP, which I believe to be an indication of the perceived value of this lighting system.

I can foresee two primary scenarios in which this mounted light system would be used.  Having identified that 28 Lumens is insufficient for “tactical” purposes, which would include searching rooms or your home, we’ve also identified that it’s far better than no light at all and would therefore be a good “back up” system.  So if your primary light for searching is a higher powered handheld, then the Rogers Rail Lite system is a strong secondary system.  That’s one scenario.  The second scenario is if you are simply equipping your home defense handgun with a light and you are working on limited funds.  It’s hard to beat a weapon mounted light for $34.95 +S&H.  Not only do you get the mounted light system, but you get the light, that is easily removed from the mount, for your carry convenience as well.

One last note, and this is not criticism, but a straight observation: Because the Rogers Rail Lite system puts the light beside the weapon (on either side depending on how you put on the mount, so it’s ambidextrous) there’s no holster (that I know of) that will hold the weapon with the system in place.  That’s why I feel the primary usage for this mounted light system is home defense, where the handgun is kept in a safe or other secured area but not required to reside in a holster.

Stay safe!


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