Capturing survival stories on film

"Who’s Jerry Bruckheimer?” Bill Erfurth, a 26-year veteran of the Miami-Dade Police Department, wasn’t exactly a big fan of movies. So when he received the phone call twelve years ago in which the big Hollywood producer asked Erfurth to join...

“One of the stories that’s in the new film is an officer from Fort Worth, Texas who was shot in the face. He was at our screening in Texas—probably a month after his shooting—he couldn’t wait to see the [first] movie, and everyone couldn’t wait to introduce him to us.”

“We also had a screening in Salt Lake City. That night they honored their State Law Enforcement Officers of the Year. One of the guys was a state law enforcement officer in Moab, just up in a beautiful part of the country, in a park area. He got shot nine times and was able to survive. [It is] truly a lesson of survival and how to never give up.

“Unfortunately, there are too many of these stories. There’s an endless supply of these stories.”

Fifty percent of the net profits from “Heroes Behind the Badge” and “Heroes Behind the Badge: Sacrifice and Survival” are being donated to the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund.

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