2013 in Review

By Frank Borelli

"Ontario Knife Company XM Strike Fighter Review"

I give the OKC XM Strike Fighter two thumbs up. It handles and performs as it should and is reasonably priced. If you’re in the market for a new folder this holiday season, I suggest you check it out!

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"Rogers Rail Lite & Streamlight MicroStream"

I can foresee two primary scenarios in which this mounted light system would be used: on a home defense handgun or as an emergency backup light system on your duty handgun.

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"Safariland ILS2 Flashlight Review" 

The ILS2 has an internal battery barrel system that holds six AAA batteries. The power provided by these much-cheaper and easier-to-find batteries allows the light to produce 450 lumens of light for up to 75 minutes.

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"Kahr CW4543: 5,000 Round Report" 

I was – and continue to be – duly impressed with the weapon and this report/review is the result of having reached the milestone of firing 5,000 rounds through it.

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"Just Right Carbine & Glock 17 Combo" 

For my testing purposes I had on hand a fourth generation Glock Model 17, a Just Right Carbine (JRC) designed to use the magazines of the Glock 17, and eight magazines for said...

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"DAW TECH Ballistic Clipboard Test Report" 

This clipboard is not meant to replace body armor. That said, think about the additional protection it can and does offer above and beyond that of your worn body armor. More pro...

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"ALTAI gear MF Tactical Boots: Review"

Most of my wear testing was done in areas common to law enforcement work: streets, sidewalks, inside buildings, and sometimes in grassy areas. It occurred to me that while such...

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"Kimber PepperBlaster II: A Review"

I have to admit, I’ve become somewhat of a fan. The unit is light and compact enough that it can be conveniently carried by dropping it in a pocket (unless you wear your pants...

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"Gerber Bullrush Multi-Tool: A Review"

Gerber’s Bullrush is a recent release that is basic, comfortable and relatively compact. It has what you need and not a bunch of stuff that you probably don’t.

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"Gerber's Uppercut Punch Dagger - Review"

I know there are still a lot of people in the law enforcement industry – and other warrior services as well – who feel that boot knives, hide-away knives, and other such too...

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"The Active Shooter Response Training Manual" by Scott M. Hyderkhan from Kinetic Tactical Training Solutions LLC

"Active Shooter Response Training Manual: A Review"

No matter what resource you’re using, such as this manual, it behooves you – the instructor developing and delivering the training – to use it ONLY as a resource, insuring...

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"The Streamlight TLR-1 HL: A Review"

About 65 minutes later I pulled it out of the bucket, shook it off and turned it on. It worked both with touch/push pressure and the locked-on position.

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"Del-Ton Sport (AR style) Rifle Review"

A reliable and accurate AR-style rifle for an MSRP of just $699? Unheard of.

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"The Spyderco Manix II - A Review"

Through my years wearing a uniform on the street I carried many a different lockblade folding knife and the assortment included several Spyderco knives.

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ALGIZ 10X Tablet from Handheld

"Testing rugged"

I didn’t use it as an improvised weapon, use it to block any attacks or shoot it. Short of that, I abused it in ways that simulated common every day law enforcement use – an...

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By Lindsey Bertomen

Vanguard Series 2 RC TRR Rifle from Weatherby

"Would you reach for this in a tactical intervention?"

Would you reach for this in a tactical intervention? Weatherby’s Vanguard Series 2 RC TRR Rifle gives an impressive performance The Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 RC...

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P226 Elite Dark Handgun from SIG SAUER

"Journey to the Dark side"

This month I bring you SIG SAUER’s P226 Elite Dark handgun in 9 mm. Although the firearm resembles the P226 models, the new Elite Series is a dramatic improvement upon ea...

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TSG-22 Long Rifle Conversion for Glock pistols from Tactical Solutions

"Shoot, strip, reload, repeat"

No one had to twist my arm to do the review featured here. This test was just plain fun. I recently experimented with Tactical Solutions’ TSG–22, 22 Long Rifle Conv...

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Sidewinder Venom Conversion Kit from Adaptive Tactics

"A tale of conversion"

Not long ago I tested Adaptive Tactical’s Sidewinder Venom conversion kit, products that will switch a tubular magazine shotgun to a box magazine gun on Mossberg 590. Adaptiv...

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Q.D. Stainless 7.62 and 5.56 Q.D. SS Sound Suppression System from Yankee Hill Machine Co. (YHM)

"35 decibels down"

35 decibels down YHM’s Sound Suppression System makes good on a tactical promise… "We could communicate while shooting " Lindsey Bertomen I tested YHM&...

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Undercover Lite Revolver from Charter Arms

"Neat and discreet"

I tested a Charter Arms Undercover Lite, a 5-shot, 12-ounce revolver capable of handling +P cartridges. Made of aircraft aluminum and stainless steel, this model has a non...

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Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant Loader from Hornady

"Reload to train"

Reload to train Lindsey looks to Hornady's Lock-N-Load AP Press in an ammo crunch A few years ago, most police agencies would not have considered reloading metallic car...

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By Paul Markel

XD(M) .45 ACP Pistol from Springfield

"Springfield XD(M) .45 ACP - A Review"

Reliability was unquestionable and accuracy was as good as you could ask for from pistol of this kind.

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"SIRT pistol from Next Level Training

How do you keep your troops sharp and give extra attention to the problem children who cannot seem to qualify the first or even second try?

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ELPI (Executive), EB1 Backup from Brite-Strike, SureFire

"Off-Duty Lights to go with your Off-Duty Gun"

The great thing about a duty belt is that you can carry a lot of gear and you don’t need to worry about concealing it. When we put on street clothes, we need much of the same...

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By Ralph Mroz

Diversion Carry Slingpack, Tactical Sling Bag from Blackhawk! and Kelty

"Small Sling Packs for the Cruelest Season"

To paraphrase T. S. Elliot: Summer is the cruelest season. Warm weather makes carrying anything – weapons or more mundane items -- difficult. We don’t have jackets and coats...

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Diversion Bags: Carry Racquet, Diversion Work Out, Board Pack, Carry Backpack from Blackhawk!

"Invisible Off-Body Carry?"

Good, purpose-built, quick-access, covert carry weapons bags and packs are a necessity in the inventory of a well-rounded, well-prepared armed professional. I’ve been railing...

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Eldin Jacket, Woodward Vest, Women's Canyon Sandstone Jacket from Carhartt

"Carhartt for Concealed Carry"

The tactical “plain” clothes that have hit our industry like a storm over the last decade are not actually “plain” -- rather, they are “professional”. They aren’t...

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"The Squail from Boker"

The 6.6-ounce Squail is the design of Charles Marlowe of Omaha, Nebraska. If you know working knives, and what makes them tick, you’ll recognize those elements in this knife.

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By Charles Bennett

"The Beretta 92F: Legendary Lawman Weapons Next Evolution"

Like it or not the Beretta design has proven to be quite robust. While many in the military and law enforcement would prefer another caliber (.45?

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By John Wills

"Child Identity Theft: What Every Parent Needs to Know" by Robert P. Chappell, Jr. from Rowman and Littlefield

"Your Child's Identity At Risk"

Think you know about child identity theft? Think again. How thieves ruin your child’s identity without your knowledge.

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By Max Schulte

"ASP Talon Disc Loc Baton"

Keeping with their tradition of fine batons, ASP has introduced their steel Talon Disc Loc Baton in 16, 21, and 26 inches.

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"Otis Technology Deluxe Law Enforcement System" 

Otis Technology solved the issue of bulky cleaning kits with their high quality, compact gun cleaning kits and systems. I recently picked up the Deluxe Law Enforcement System. T...

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"USB Triad Flashlight from ASP"

Most people in today’s tech savvy world think of a computer port when they think of USB’s. It means the same thing in relation to the ASP Triad. No, the Triad does not have...

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"WINDSTOPPER Patrol Soft Shell from Forum Industries"

Gore recognized the need to create a new option for procurement of quality duty outerwear for smaller agencies and individual officers. Some outerwear with GORE materials can...

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"GORE-TEX Patrol Shell from Forum Industries"

The Lightweight Patrol Shell is the waterproof cousin of the Patrol Soft Shell. When these two jackets are used together, you get the warmth and comfort of fleece with the water...

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By Steven Forgues

"Gerber Paraframe II Tanto Knife Review"

We all want a good quality knife without spending a fortune. Gerber, who is known for producing quality knives, is introducing the Paraframe II Tanto that fits that bill. It is...

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By Dennis Haworth

Dual Beam Aiming Laser (DBAL) - D2 from Laser Devices Inc.

"Night vision done right"

When Laser Devices Inc. (LDI) debuted their class on IR lasers at the 2011 SHOT Show, I knew this company was turning a new corner in meeting its customer’s demands. This...

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"Night Vision gets smart: US Night Vision’s iPhone 4 Adapter held up to the light"

For years I have been trying to get good photos through my ITT PVS-14 night vision monocular. I have tried all kinds of contraptions, mounts you name it. Most of the ones that...

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By Jonathan Kozlowski

Toughpad Tablet from Panasonic

"Tough as nails"

Call me whatever names you will, the easiest way I separate "my" generation from the next is the technology we can remember using. Here's where I sit up straight,...

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