Beating Boredom

We all sometimes get bored, but it’s on you to overcome it – to take the actual steps needed to not be bored – and preferably before it does become a bigger issue.

The good news about boredom is it can, if you identify and determine to rise above it, serve as the impetus for growth.  Whether at home or work, or in your relationships or hobbies, boredom is a sign.  Humans are hardwired to learn and seek out new experiences, and boredom is a sign the inner drive is not being satisfied.  We also seek comfort and security, drives that can compete with the innate desire for the new, and generate fear of the novel and unknown. 

Finding the balance that preserves the known and comfortable while seeking the new experiences to keep us engaged with constantly learning is vitally important for our mental and physical health.   There is a growing body of evidence that keeping our brains and bodies engaged with new skills and challenges not only supports our emotional well-being but can extend the length and quality of life. 

You all know the bored (and boring) among you.  Maybe they are coworkers, close friends, or family who go through the motions with little left that excites them.  Maybe it describes you?  If they (or you) can identify the boredom then you can also identify how to alleviate it.  Get back in the habit of setting goals; when we were young we had dreams to chase but as we get older the idea of dreaming seems somehow childish or silly.  Why?  We got out of bed each day to shape our future but, now that the future is upon us, is it time to stop thinking of the next accomplishment, or how we can improve either our lot in life or the little corner of the world we have stewardship over?  I hope not.

Set goals, continue dreaming, start working toward them and see if boredom doesn’t dissipate.   - Lou Holtz

Man is a goal seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals.  Aristotle

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