Two Underappreciated Blackhawk Bags

Earlier this year Blackhawk introduced a number of new bags and two of them haven’t got much press so far. I can’t figure out why - they are both excellent products that fill clear needs. One I call the sleeper because it’s deliberately plain...

Finally, the back of the bag is nicely padded, but conceals a full width, full height concealed-carry compartment, which is fully loop-lined on the front side of this rear-most pocket.  It is  ambidextrous, with zipper-access from either side. 

The two-inch wide shoulder strap comes with a padded center section, and is buckle attached/releasable from either side.  The main compartment also has an elastic-covered port for routing hydration tubes, radio antennas, or communication system wires.  Constructed of heavy 500 denier nylon, the bag sports a carry handle on top.

This is one very well-thought-out, well-made bag.  It addresses my wish list relative to the previous Blackhawk battle bags.  It is completely discrete – it does not look mil or LE at all.  It offers ambidextrous concealed carry.  It’s set up to carry comms and tactical gear.  (Think of a police officer embedded in a large public event like the Boston Marathon audience.  This is the kind of discrete bag they’d need to carry the specialized kit they’d have.  An ordinary school pack wouldn’t do.)  It is quick-release from both sides, and you can get to your gear quickly with via the pass-thru zipper.  You can use it equally as well for your EDC bag or as a specialized low-profile tactical bag.  This bag should be getting a lot more attention!

Brick Go Bag

The Blackhawk Brick Go Bag is the sexy one.  I mean, just look at it – I can’t recall the last time I saw a bag that just looks this downright cool!  Basically, this approximately 18”long x 7” wide x 4” deep rectangular-shaped sling pack is a customizable equipment carry case that can be easily carried.  The main compartment is loop-lined on each side and the rear face.  The bag comes with five hook and loop partitions that can be configured within the main compartment to segment it into sturdy sections of almost any size.  This is ingenious, and a superior way to carry—and quickly access – hardware such as NVGs, FLIR cameras, scopes, trauma kits, and so in.   Think of it as a soft, slingable version of a hard case.

Because it looks so cool it’s a bit striking in appearance, and for that reason it probably isn’t completely, totally discrete…but it is reasonably so as it looks “neat” rather than “tactical”.  The Brick Go Bag is also a convenient size to slip into crannies and spaces in vehicles where more conventionally-shaped bags may have a problem. 

There are two zippered pockets with internal elastic loops on the front face of the bag for smaller items, and a carry handle on either side.  The back and quick-release sling strap are padded with breathable material and the strap has a single row of Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E.  (PALS) webbing.  The bag is ambidextrous in that the sling strap can be attached to either bottom corner of the bag. 

Functionally, the Brick Go Bag is a straightforward gear haulage appliance.  But it’s customizable interior, flexibility, stowable size, quality materials and construction and visual appeal will cause it to be—very effectively—used for many other applications.


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