A tale of conversion: Adaptive Tactic's Sindwinder Venom Kit for Shotguns

Not long ago I tested Adaptive Tactical’s Sidewinder Venom Conversion Kit, products that will switch a tubular magazine shotgun to a box magazine gun on the Mossberg 590. Adaptive Tactical has been in the business for 40 years. They are known for...

We didn't notice any difference in reliability, which is no surprise. It takes a pretty good shove to seat the magazines, but they stay put. I’m not sure if it actually amped up the cycling time, but the loading system felt smoother.

We didn't experience any feed lip failures like shells falling out of the magazine when dropped. I’m pretty sure these magazines can survive heavy abuse. They are rigid enough for a full grown adult to stand on one without deformation.

I have already seen specialty pouches for both sizes of magazines available from third party vendors. Adaptive Tactical also has one on their site. This would be the ideal setup for the officer who dons additional armor and responds to major incidents in progress.

Adaptive Tactical’s Sidewinder Venom Conversion Kit is a viable option for the agency that uses a high performance shotgun, and adds capacity and flexibility to the package. It proved to be a reliable and solid method for cranking out a lot of rounds in a very short time.

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