Emergency Communications: The Future Is Now

Big Data. Real-Time Intelligence Console. Beware. All of these terms add up to one seemingly futuristic concept not too far off in the distance.

Dispatcher vs. Police Officer

There didn’t seem to be any question that utilizing Big Data would play a large part in the NG911 world. Companies will continue to innovate and create the technology that will bring to reality these Minority Report dispatch rooms. The biggest question is who is going to sit behind the console? Some view this as an extension of what dispatchers do already. Much like an information channel but with so much more, it makes sense to have a trained dispatcher analyzing the data and sending it where it needs to go. Michael Lee of Intrado, Inc. sees the position as an extension of a public safety telecommunicator’s duty. While on the other hand, Motorola sees it quite different. At the Media Round-Table, Motorola reps expressed their vision of this position as an augmentation of patrol. They described it as a virtual police officer. Maybe it will be a combination of both-Certified Analyst Officer. Only the future can tell.


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