My Early Days As A Female Cop

After over three decades in police work and law enforcement training, I look back now and wish I’d known a little more about navigating a male-dominated work place when I was first starting out in 1980.

Learn to Understand Your Brothers:  

As I teach in many of my classes, women not only need to understand themselves, but they need to understand men as well.  Every workplace has a few “Adam Henry’s” on the roster (both male and female) but most guys (like most women) who get involved in law enforcement are pretty decent human beings.  We just can’t expect men to act and think like we do, so ladies, take the time to learn about men.  As Dr. Louann Brizendine writes in “The Male Brain” guys like to use humor differently than women do, they value independence and often de-value the asking of questions; they like gadgets and they love to solve problems.  Men tend to be suspicious of over-praising, while women like appreciative feedback.  The new book by Annis and Gray, “Work With Me” outlines the “8 blind spots” that negatively affect men and women in the work place; take the time to read it and then share what you’ve learned with your co-workers.

Lots of the “sensitivity training” we all have to attend involves teaching men how not to offend women, but turnabout is fair play, so ladies, lets not only learn about ourselves, but about our brothers too.  After all, we’re a family and we all bleed blue.

Dr. Louann Brizendine

“Work With Me” by Annis and Gray

Patrick Lencioni

“The Truth About Gender Differences”


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