Is Sleepwalking Bad?

Sleep disorders are common and are collectively called parasomnias. Quite simply, a parasomnia is an abnormal behavior that occurs during sleep. Parasomnia sleep disorders may cause abnormal movements, behaviors, emotions, and perceptions.

Sleepwalking is currently being evaluated psychologically, socially, and legally, related to an individual's responsibility for criminal activities committed during a reported sleepwalking incident. If you are a law enforcement officer, you may have already encountered a sleepwalker. If you haven't, chances are pretty high that you will. He may be the little old man, walking down the middle of the street, dressed in pajamas, who is truly clueless. Or the suspicious person at an ATM machine, making futile attempts to make a deposit or withdrawal. Then again, it could be an individual you stop for a routine traffic investigation who is covered in blood. The appropriate investigation and intervention into these types of cases is obviously required.

Disclaimer:  If this article has put you to sleep, I wish you only pleasant dreams. However, if you are still awake, you may want to make sure you are really awake.


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