Situational Advice for LE Spouses

Get down, get away and call for help. Law enforcement officers can find themselves in emergency situations off-duty both in public and at home. What is an officer’s significant other supposed to do? Here are some tips for being your LEOs best back-up.

In certain scenarios it might be appropriate for a LEO’s significant other to act. To do so safety and with confidence, the partner should be familiar with, be confident and have trained with his or her firearm. “Once all other options have been exhausted or are not practical, firearms training (second nature) should take over,” explains Dave Cropp, retired Sacramento PD. “She has her own gun,” he explains about his wife. “One that fits her and she is comfortable using. I watch her practice and practice and only comment when needed. We talk about the nature of close-up combat, options for avoiding a gun fight, etc. She has to feel comfortable talking about these options.” Along with the ability to use a firearm, Cropp reminds us it is imperative that he or she can articulate and justify his or her use of force. “In the event she has to use her gun, she also has to validate why she did so…so that she can persuade the cops and lawyers that she identified options to avoid a gun fight. That it was a last option. That she had no choice. That she was well trained and only used the amount of force necessary to stop the threat.”

Being a part of a law enforcement officer’s life means that we could be dragged into a law enforcement response either in public or at our home. We are lucky to have well-trained and well-armed partners who have the experience to keep us and our families safe. If a situation does occur, this training kicks in and they need us to do certain things to assist and not be a part of the problem. Discuss the best way to handle a situation beforehand even if it requires a reminder right before you head out shopping.


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