Retirement Chief Jobs

There are things in a smaller to medium size agency’s chief’s job descriptions that defy logic and would shock most. Let’s explore this some more.

Loss of autonomy can be the greatest hurdle to face. If you worked as a sergeant or lieutenant in a larger city, you were more than likely a mere face in the crowd. Find Waldo, how about find you in the crowd? So you and your spouse go out to eat, try to have a nice dinner without interruption. You will know when to go shopping and to gym to avoid the constant questions and ‘let me tell you something chief’ comments. The chief in a smaller jurisdiction may as well wear a neon sign on their back. You will be noticed, now if you like this attention, you will be fine. If you want to be ‘away’ from the limelight, have some peace and privacy, you will find it easier to go out of town to eat and decompress.

My intent here is not to frighten away anyone who wants to do the small town chief’s gig as a retirement supplement. If I have made you think, my job is done. I am not here to frighten you off but to help you make the best decisions for not only you, but your family and a small town. 


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