Women and Shooting

Get Outside of “Police Training” to Improve Your Skills

The NRA also understands that when it comes to firearms instruction, very often women are going to be more comfortable, and thus more successful, when they are trained by other women.  A female-only pistol class can turn what might be an intimidating event for some into a socially safe day (or week) of fun and camaraderie.  This has lead to the NRA’s use of social networking and online media to promote “firearms, fashion and more” for women at all levels of gun ownership and interest.  Female firearms enthusiasts come from all walks of life, and you’re likely to meet some terrific and inspiring women. You can also find video tips from law enforcement pros like Kim Heath on the NRA’s Women’s online TV channel and get involved in the discussion through social media. 

For more experienced shooters, Women on Target® offers marksmanship qualification programs and an opportunity to explore competitive shooting or become an NRA firearms instructor.  The NRA also offers fully supported educational opportunities like the “Refuse to Be a Victim” personal safety program and the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program for young children that you can become involved in as an instructor. These prevention programs are perfect to your community not only as a volunteer citizen but as a civil servant. 

If you’re an American crimefighter, you’re very likely to find yourself in a gun battle during your career.  Don’t you want to be 100 % prepared 100 % of the time?  It’s time to break those old habits, take up a new activity or two, and become the most confident shooter on your agency.  Joining the National Rifle Association is just one of the many ways you can accomplish that goal. 

NRA Women’s TV:  http://nrawomen.tv/

The NRA and Women:  http://women.nra.org/

NRA Law Enforcement Division:  http://le.nra.org/training

IALEFI:  http://www.ialefi.com/

NTOA:  http://ntoa.org/

C.O.P.S.:  http://www.nationalcops.org/

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