Career Fitness Maintenance

Talk to any chief or sheriff, go to any conference or simply scan the media and you will quickly realize that as a profession we are consistently lowering the bar as it pertains to officer fitness and physical ability.

Yes, implementing such a program presents an initial challenge.  Your agency may have some officers who are already well out of shape and who will complain about doing something as simple as stretching.  Officers assigned to different bureaus within your agency may not attend a “roll call” before going on shift, i.e. detectives, community service, etc.  How do you address implementation for those officers?  Yes, the department leadership still needs to find a way to implement such a fitness protocol department wide to include those who work in plain clothes.  Why?  Because none of them started out in plain clothes and they may all one day return to the day-to-day uniform with far too much time spent in a seat, whether it’s in a patrol vehicle or at a desk.

The bottom line is that fitness maintenance and injury prevention will benefit every agency if implemented correctly.  The first step, though, is always to convince the command staff.  Have you discussed this with yours?  Be the champion at your agency and take the concept “up the chain.”  You may think they won’t buy into it, but what if you’re wrong?


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