Del-Ton Sport (AR style) Rifle Review

A reliable and accurate AR-style rifle for an MSRP of just $699? Unheard of.

I was pleased with the performance of the rifle/sight combination and started to prepare my report/editorial at that time.  Before I got the editorial published I was invited to attend a two-gun tactics course that focused on weapon transitions based on stoppages in the long gun or simple circumstance that mandated use of the handgun instead of the long gun.  It was a one-day course that saw me fire another 500+ rounds through this rifle (in addition to the approximately 300+ I fired through my handgun).  After my first range day with the rifle I had field stripped, cleaned, lubed and reassembled it and stuck it in my gun safe.  That’s where it had stayed until I pulled it out to go to the two-gun tactics course.  I added no extra lube prior to the class.  At the end of the two-gun day I was pleased to realize I’d experienced no stoppages or malfunctions other than those intentionally induced for the course.

Once again I prepared to write up my report… and then another invite came in.  This one was to teach a life-fire active shooter course.  Seeing another opportunity to expand my testing of the rifle and put more rounds through it, I held off on the editorial.  The Active Shooter response course focused on basic tactics of response but heavily concentrated on “kitting up” and getting rounds on the bad guy in efficient time frames.  Students started in “cruisers” that were staged at the starting point of the range, had to exit the driver’s seat, go to the trunk to get their gear on / grab their long gun, and then move through a predetermined shooting course with an instructor/coach over their shoulder to maintain safety.  The shooting lanes were close enough that the student shooters could shout/yell/communicate with each other and they had to continue to engage targets until the sounds of shots from down range (provided through one heck of a loud speaker system) stopped.

I didn’t fire near as many rounds from the rifle in this course: I’m going to guesstimate 150 or less, but I again experienced no malfunctions or stoppages of any kind.  I was pleased and received several comments about the rifle (including two from gentlemen who told me I needed to make sure I got a pop-up rear sight on the gun for when the battery in the EOTech died).  They were obviously right and I’ve since added a pop-up rear sight.

The most amazing thing about this rifle (in today’s world) is that the Del-Ton website still lists it with an MSRP of just $699!  Of course, that doesn’t include the TAPCO stocks kit, the weapon light or the EOTech, but a reliable and accurate AR-style rifle for just $699?  Unheard of.  (Remember that you might not find it for that price because the law of supply and demand means dealers can price the weapons higher)

I encourage you to check Del-Ton out.  They offer proven quality and value in a market that is (mostly) over-priced today.


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