CampHERO: Have You Heard Of It?

Nationally, only 13% of police officers and 3.6% of fire professionals are women. Each of us who wears the badge, the gloves or picks up a Halligan should encourage young women to enter public safety as a career or volunteer when they grow up. Camps...

Other camps designed to empower young women and encourage them to pursue public safety careers exist as well. Girls Can Do Anything summer camp hosted by the Oasis Center for Women and Girls in Tallahassee (FL) incorporates a day at Tallahassee Police Department. During this day, the campers, aged 5 to 15, watch their role models while learning about self-defense and being exposed to K-9s and the law enforcement experience. All of the activities are taught by female TPD investigators or officers.

Even if you can’t join in something like CampHERO or Girls Can Do Anything empower women everyday by just being out there. Participate in your department’s PR campaigns like Tip-A-Cop or Fill the Boot. Sign up for parade duty where you can encourage young women to consider public safety solely because they saw you and now know it is possible. Your image will stay with them. Mentor others. Is there a new woman on the department? Help her out. Help her be the best officer, medic or firefighter she can be. Make her someone you, and the guys, want as a back-up. Finally, share your experiences. Consider talking at schools, camps or other events. That little girl looking up at you in your uniform just might hold onto that picture as she works to become the next female public safety hero instead of only dreaming she will be rescued by one.


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