A letter to our readership

Salutations, greetings and welcome. It’s not often that I ask our editor, Sara Schreiber, if I can step into this space, but some information was recently brought to my attention that compelled me to ask her if I could. The purpose of my “stepping in” for this issue is to thank you, our readers, for the compliment you collectively paid Law Enforcement Technology magazine, even though you probably didn’t realize you were doing it at the time.

In case you weren’t aware, LET is one of three media products produced by the Cygnus Law Enforcement Media team. The other two products are Law Enforcement Product News and Officer.com. As a whole, these three media products reach an impressive number of readers: over 1.4 million per month (so far this year) at every rank and position within law enforcement.

Each year Cygnus Law Enforcement Media conducts a research survey to measure how you perceive our products. Just a couple weeks ago I was looking at some of the numbers from the 2012 survey (2013 hasn’t been done yet) and as I reviewed the information I realized just how much appreciation you have for us.

The survey compared LET to four competitor products (magazines). In one part of the survey the readers were asked which publication provides the best coverage for eleven different topics. In seven of the eleven topics LET was ranked number one! In two we were ranked second and in the remainder we ranked third.

LET magazine was the ONLY law enforcement publication to rank in the top three in all eleven topics.

LEPN was included in the survey too, and in five of the seven topics where LET ranked number one, it ranked number two. Our closest competition (not naming any names here) was number one in three topics and number two in one other. When you look at the overall ranking, our print products stand head and shoulders above our competitors according to the answers received from you, our readers.

When I saw those numbers and realized what they represent I had to sit back and think for a moment—and I realized I needed to type up this expression of appreciation. When you look at the impact that Cygnus Law Enforcement Media has within the industry, we are forced to recognize the reach and responsibility that we carry. As a 30+ year veteran of law enforcement, let me assure you that I feel that responsibility quite acutely. It drives me…it motivates me…it presses me to be diligent about providing you with accurate, timely and valuable information; the information you need and depend on each day (with Officer.com), each month (with LET) and every other month (with LEPN).

To help us maintain this high level of performance, I ask you to continue giving us feedback. Be open; be honest; be critical or be complimentary—but let us know how we’re doing. From chiefs and sheriffs to the deputies and patrol officers, I don’t ever want to let one of you down.

Thank you again for your readership and your confidence. Don’t hesitate to email me with any concerns you might have.

Stay safe.