Forensics Round-Up

Use AFIS? The NIJ needs your help. The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) needs state and local law enforcement agencies that own an automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) to respond to a survey assessing the current state of latent...

-- The National Institute of Standards and Technology, Download the full handbook PDF.

Palm vein technology

Fulcrum Biometrics announced the availability of their FbF Palm Vein Developer Bundle. This suite, which includes the award-winning Fujitsu PalmSecure sensor, FbF Palm Vein bioServer, FbF Listener, and FbF Biometric Controls, reduces the cost and complexity of integrating and deploying the latest palm vein technology into biometric identification projects. Palm vein imaging technology provides a high degree of accuracy, requires no touch contact and is virtually impossible to forge. While it can be deployed in a wide range of applications, the combination of high security and contactless identification make it particularly ideal for banking applications, hospitals, clinics, schools and use in public places where hygiene is of great concern.

No more clean getaways!

Applied DNA Sciences Inc. entered into a 2-way exclusive agreement with SmokeCloak, A/S to market a technology combining APDN’s SigNature DNA in a rapid-deployment security smoke called DNA Fog.

The SmokeCloak anti-intruder device deploys in a crime attempt, filling a room with a fog—sometimes called a security smoke—that virtually immobilizes criminals, and now also will mark a criminal with APDN’s SigNature DNA so it may be used to forensically link the criminal to the crime. The DNA Fog product will be used in the SmokeCloak VALI product range and can be combined with APDN’s existing SmartDNA anti-intruder device, currently used in Sweden and the United States. The combination of SmokeCloak’s room-filling smoke generators, together with APDN’s anti-intruder device which produces a targeted spray directed at the suspect, will give both companies a strong competitive edge in the crime deterrent market.

About SmokeCloak

SmokeCloak is a twenty-year-old company with an established dealer network on five continents, and installations in fifty countries. Security fog has become an established and successful product in Europe, South Africa, Australia and South America, and now is set to make its mark in North America.

Examine even the smallest of details

Sirchie’s new system for the examination, comparison, capture, annotation, and documentation of evidence: the new FOCOS2 - Dual Camera Forensic Optical Comparison/Examination System, consists of two 8 MP cameras with white, 455 nm blue, and 395 nm long-wave UV lights integrated and mounted on moveable arms to a base platform. Its proprietary software was designed in partnership with CSIpix to work in conjunction with a stylus-based screen monitor to make case documentation simple and easy.

This configuration gives users the ability to examine the minute details of evidence ranging from fingerprints, tool marks, bullet casings and trace evidence to footwear, tire marks, and other large pieces of evidence.

Facial Reconstruction from DNA

“Dewey-Hagborg’s odd habit has a larger purpose. The 30-year-old PhD student, studying electronic arts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, extracts DNA from each piece of evidence she collects, focusing on specific genomic regions from her samples. She then sequences these regions and enters this data into a computer program, which churns out a model of the face of the person who left the hair, fingernail, cigarette or gum behind.”

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Safe system to help ID criminals further than arm’s length

A high velocity DNA tagging system that keeps criminals at arm’s length was launched by innovative U.K. security company Selectamark.

Identifying an individual in a crowd or at a distance can be challenging for law enforcement officers and police, especially when they are in riot situations or experiencing crowd control problems.

By using the SelectaDNA High Velocity System, a uniquely-coded DNA pellet can be used to mark an individual so that they can be apprehended at a less confrontational time for officers.