Emergency upgrade

Next Generation 911 (NG911) is coming to your agency, and the time to begin planning and training is now. What is NG911? “Next Generation 911 just means one thing: the ability to communicate digital information over a new, hosted network for 911...

Fontes went on to explain how improved interoperability, scalability, efficiency of connectivity and shared databases are more of the many advantages NG911 will provide to public safety agencies.

When undertaking a task so monumental as upgrading to NG911, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start. NENA, APCO (Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials), the National 911 Program, and a host of other organizations offer helpful information on their websites on how to get started. Because, where NG911 is concerned, it’s not a question of “if,” anymore—it’s a question of “when.”