Finding value where you least expect it

I recently attended a police sniper training day just a few miles down the road from our offices. During my visit, I got some pictures and chatted with a few highly knowledgable individuals who are reinventing law enforcement SWAT protocol. One thing I learned: even with the best training coming down the line, many SWAT teams struggle to acquire the gear that makes sense for the mission.

The truth is, not everyone can up and buy the latest and greatest. Outfitting an agency can be a lot like running a household—the only way to get things going is to save money and prioritize. And then you can usually count on an ‘unanticipated expense’ or two cropping up and changing the whole game plan.

It’s still fun to look. And guess what? Where you look can make a difference. This month firearms training vet Dennis Haworth decided it was time to shop. And rather than hop online or head to the nearest ‘we do everything’ place, he thought it might be more fun to seek out alternative venues.

Sure, buying online is easy. You might also get a great deal. But there’s still a lot to be said for buying local. Where do we begin? Perhaps Haworth was most surprised of all to find top quality leather holsters from a true artisan, or some really expertise firearms training just miles from his home. There are so many great reasons to support nearby business men and women. Yes, you’ll stimulate your local economy. You might also feel more connected to the product. Like Haworth, there’s a chance you’ll probably meet some great people with true talents and expertise!

When it comes time to pull the trigger (sorry about that) and finally make that next purchase, why not take a look around your own stomping grounds first? You might be surprised by what you find, and the great people you’ll meet.

PS...going back to my morning with the snipers; if you want to see a fantastic organization that manages to do a lot of good with very little, check out This band of local, state and federal police snipers is supporting front line active military by providing gear and creature comforts in a pinch, so U.S. snipers and marksmen don’t have to spend their own money and wait for extended periods to get the equipment they desperately need. In turn, those snipers overseas are passing down their expertise to law enforcement SWAT teams at home.

Now that’s a great trade if you ask me.