Online Exclusive

Are You Boston Marathon Fit?

After watching the footage of the bombing, subsequent incidents and the manhunt that ensued I was both proud and amazed at the fortitude, dedication and can do professionalism of the many law enforcement agencies and individuals involved.  It also got me thinking, as I am sure it did many of you, about being both mentally and physically prepared to handle a multi-day event like Boston.  While we all hope nothing like that ever occurs again I think we all know the truth and that keeps you ever vigilant.  If you look to the military the effects of stress and fatigue are very clear and pronounced, but what about a domestic situation like Boston?

Brothers and sisters, instead of a long drawn out column about needing to stay fit, that your job requires you to be fit and that fitness will save your life on the street - which you all know - let’s instead just give you a tool, one that will make you fit in a short period of time, which will allow you to prepare for any event both physically and mentally.  A workout so intense yet so easy to do that it will challenge you and help prepare you for anything.

Before I lay this workout down for you PLEASE go back in this column and read the tissue mobilization, active stretching and foam rolling articles because you MUST do these BEFORE the workout.

After your thorough warm up with 1. The foam roller 2. Active stretching 3. Some light cardio you are ready to start.

The RULES: Only do what you can, this workout will break you if you disobey the rules.  Never begin the next set until your heart rate is back to 120 or below.

Priority 1 set 1: Treadmill at 9.5 MPH at a 9.5% grade. 

30 second sprint, rest 20 seconds, 20 seconds of crunches, 20 seconds of pushups.  Go back to the TM and repeat once your heart rate is below 120.  Do 3 sets.

Priority 1 Set 2: Treadmill at 10.5 mph, at a 8% grade.

30 second sprint, rest 20 seconds, do 15 dumbbell curl to press followed by 15 warrior rows (push up position on the DB, do a row).  GO back to the TM and repeat for 2 more sets once your heart rate is below 120. Do 3 sets total.

Priority 1 set 3:  Treadmill at 12 mph at a 7% grade.

30 second sprint, rest 20 seconds, do pull-up’s to failure followed by 15 kettle bell swings.  Go back to the treadmill and when your heart rate is below 120 repeat for 3 total sets.

You are done!  Stretch and cool down.  Do this 2x per week, the day after each workout eat very clean and prepare to sleep very well.  I recommend having at least 3 days between this type of workout for recovery.  The fun part, yes fun, is that just about any upper body and core exercise is fair game.  Do NOT put in a leg exercise during the intervals, trust me it’s not a good idea.

Also, make sure that you are well hydrated and are properly fueled before each workout, stay away from caffeine as your heart rate will be plenty high.  By following this type of program you will get fit very quickly while developing that mental toughness to get through a brutal but scientifically superior program.  So if and when a big incident occurs you are tactically fit, mentally prepared, flexible and agile.  Ready to take on anything that your comes your way.