What’s in your backyard?

Times are getting tough. Budgets are short, paychecks are smaller and law enforcement work loads are bigger. If you’re like me, you invest your own money and time into your training and equipment. Most years I put myself through at least one school on...

When I started this journey I did not expect to find all of this. I thought I would have to expand to providers within a three-hour drive to make my point. Little did I know...

If this is what I found in my backyard, imagine what you may find in yours.


Dennis Haworth is a police officer with a California state law enforcement agency. He has been a law enforcement range master and armorer for more than a decade, and carries a Bachelor or Science in Criminology and specialization in human resources management. Much of his free time is spent as an advisor to the Shooting Sports Club at his local University of California campus.

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