Reporting on ILEETA 2013

The best law enforcement training took place in Wheeling, Illinois in April. Where were you?

Day Four

Jeff Chudwin and Ed Mohn presented MACTAC – Multiple Assault Counter Terrorist Action Capabilities program developed by the LAPD and designed to deal with multiple attack scenarios ala Mumbai.  From equipment to response strategies MACTAC provides LE with a more combative program than just a response to active shooter as is not just for schools or mall type scenarios but also for outdoor scenarios.  MACTAC promotes the four F’s – Find them, Fix them, Flank them and Finish them.

A four hour block headed by Tim Janowick and Roy Bethge rounded out my Thursday with their Got it Right? Agency use of force training and review.  This was particularly pertinent to me and was well presented with everything covered from policy through training, investigation and reporting on police use of force.

Day Five

Deadly Force Panel of Experts: this panel was chaired on Friday morning by Mas Ayoob and included Brian McKenna, Dr. Alexis Artwohl, Jeff Chudwin, Chuck Soltys, Vicki Farnam, Bert DuVernay, Ron Borsch, Dr. Fabrice Czarnecki and myself.  The panel covered some interesting topics this year with areas such as mentally ill subjects and police gun control issues.  This led to the dangers involved with confiscating guns from subjects who have been adjudicated mentally incompetent; Violence in schools, the active killer and the issue of armed school personnel; Emergency first-aid for the street officer (and range officer); Defending officers accused of excessive force in police shootings; The lack of ammunition for training which led to alternative training methodologies such as sims, airsoft, paintball and the newer S.I.R.T. – Shot, Indicating, Resetting, Trigger – Pistol; Use of force issues including investigations, policy and much more.

After teaching a second program on Friday afternoon with Saturday reserved for travel, my course attendance was complete.  After a very nice dinner compliments of ATK, Taser and Sabre and a social hour complete with band that was a wrap.

ILEETA Conference is the One 

There is so much positive energy and training going on at the ILEETA Conference, the value of the tuition cost is tremendous.  The formal courses are one thing, the side conversations and opportunities for training in the hallways and during breaks are unimaginable.  I was saddened that my schedule prevented me from attending so many other positive programs but it only makes me more committed to attending next year.

As police trainers we face uphill battles on almost every front be it budgetary, lack of ammo, time, manpower issues, lack of facilities, and more.  We have the opportunity to train the best and brightest of our society, our Brothers and Sisters in Blue.  With this opportunity comes great responsibility.  Responsibility to make an impact with our training to educate and train to the best of our ability and ILEETA can help us make that happen.  If you’re not a member, join now!  If you’ve never attended an ILEETA Conference, save your pennies and be there next year.  Whether street officer, trainer, supervisor or police administrator, the ILEETA Conference offers multiple opportunities to learn and then pass it on…

* As a side note – Congratulations to Coach Bob Lindsey for being honored as ILEETA Trainer of the Year!  Well deserved, Coach!

International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association


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