Prerequisites for a future commander

If you are reading this to get a leg up on a promotion or job in the future read on, I have a few of the KSAs that I find particularly valuable, not often mentioned in the ads but bring real world experience and bonuses for those who have them in the...

I have not covered all of the required prerequisites for command and chiefdom. Spend some time reading advertisements and make notes. You should have completed all of the educational and occupational requirements by now. What I have written about are the little things that make a big difference in front of the board, and in front of the department you will some day lead.


William L. “Bill” Harvey has served for over 23 years with the Savannah (Ga.) Police Department and as a sergeant in the U.S. Army Military Police Corps. He has a BA in criminology and is a graduate of the Southern Police Institute of the University of Louisville.

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