Would you reach for this in a tactical intervention?

The Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 RC TRR Rifle (henceforth called the TRR-Threat Response Rifle) is a threat engagement tool in .308 WIN that balances portability with a stable platform for precision shooting. The bolt-action repeating rifle with a...

The Vanguard design allows for plenty of clearance for the chamber and scope, while still providing a significant amount of steel around the cartridge. The Vanguard Lightweight Scope Mounts, made of 7000 series alloy, created a solid foundation for my Leupold VX III 3.5 by 10 by 40 scope.

For me, the Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 RC TRR Monte Carlo stock is perfect. It has enough flat in the front for using a shooting rest. For those who use bipods, there are two swivel studs: one for a bipod, and the other for a sling. At 8.75 pounds, the TRR is maneuverable enough for an air insertion in case the team needs some precision shooting overwatch on a remote grow, or a lab in rough terrain where a sling is appropriate.

Weatherby has been around for decades and one thing they are known for is their accuracy guarantee. The TRR has an accuracy guarantee of 0.99 for a three-shot group with Weatherby or a premium brand of ammunition. I am familiar with this guarantee, and my experience has been that every Weatherby I have fired easily beats this standard, using Weatherby cartridges.

When I ordered this rifle for testing, I asked for Weatherby cartridges for the test. They don’t make .308 cartridges. This kind of startled me. Weatherby usually makes cartridges for the guns they make. Premium cartridges in .308 are easy to come by, and I had plenty.

For this test, it was CORBON 168-grain HPBT. I didn’t get a chance to put CORBON on a 500-yard range this time, but these are the cartridges I use for this kind of test.


When I test a rifle, I often have to mount my scope on the rifle, and then sight it in. I use a laser boresighter from LaserLyte to make this painless.

The LaserLyte Laser Bore Sight is a precision laser that emits a concentric beam from the bore using a unique multi caliber fitting system. This is a pocket-sized device that is always in my range kit. It works for almost every rifle and handgun. I STRONGLY recommend that every law enforcement user have this device in their deployment bag. A few seconds with LaserLyte in an actual deployment, provided the officer has used the device before and knows the relative strike of the bullet, prevents second-guessing.

The LaserLyte Laser Bore Sight can project a beam to 100 yards, depending on the conditions, but I boresight at 25 yards. The setup is designed to minimize the number of rounds fired to sight in the gun. It’s simple: project a laser from the bore axis and the strike of the bullet should be close.

The last three times I have used my LaserLyte Laser Bore Sight, I have put my bullet at ten times within three rounds at 100 yards. For this test, it was three rounds exactly.

The TRR trigger had a flat smooth area from which a shooter can establish an excellent “feel” for the shot. The actual integrated act of firing this Weatherby made it one of the smoothest tactical intervention guns on the market. That, combined with continued legendary Weatherby accuracy and durability, made this one a winner.

The TRR ran smoothly without a hitch (except for my thumb, ouch!). It did well on rifle rests and was comfortable as a shooter in expedient shooting positions.

Readers should know that I had a 50-year-old Weatherby from which to compare this model. Vanguard rifles are Weatherby design, built overseas. They’ve been doing this for years. Their build quality is a matter of maintaining superior standards, not where they are made.

How does the Weatherby of 2013 compare to the Weatherby of 1963? They have the same quality, accuracy and attention to detail. They are, uh...um...boring. Like Ed Weatherby says, “I put my name on it.”


Lindsey Bertomen is a retired police officer and military small arms trainer. He teaches criminal justice at Hartnell College in Salinas, California. He has a BS in Criminal Justice and an MS in Online Teaching and Learning. Lindsey has taught shooting techniques for over a decade. He enjoys competing in shooting sports, running and cycling events. He welcomes comments at lbertomen@letonline.com.

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