Integrated Response to Mass Casualty Incidents

I enjoyed seeing what to expect from EMS providers and getting to use NIMS/ICS because it had been so long since I used it last.

Sending EMS in to a warm zone is a new concept and relatively few EMS services are going to be willing to send their providers in to an unsecured scene.  You may need to do some convincing of the on scene Fire/EMS leadership for them to allow their providers in to the warm zone.  This discussion will hopefully take place at your command post you established early on and utilize the principles of NIMS/ICS and Unified Command.  Don’t forget that the Fire Department has overall incident command in a situation utilizing NIMS/ICS.

Even as someone who has attended Tactical Combat Casualty Care and the Johns Hopkins Tactical Medical Operator Course, I enjoyed the class overall and it costs less than $200 to attend the EMS Response Active Shooter Course presented by TAC-MED, LLC.  This particular course is not going to make anyone a tactical medic on an entry team but, even as a cop, you’ll get to learn or re-learn some life saving interventions, who knows when you might need them.  I enjoyed seeing what to expect fromEMSproviders and getting to use NIMS/ICS because it had been so long since I used it last.  I look forward to going back to TAC-MED for additional training in the future.  I do feel that more officers should have been at this training and that law enforcement could learn a lot by going through joint training like this with fire/EMS personnel.

TAC-MED says that utilizing the training concepts in this course, more lives will be saved and it doesn’t matter if you are EMS or law enforcement, the preservation of life is the ultimate goal.  Visit TAC-MED on their website at:


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