Off-Duty Lights to go with your Off-Duty Gun

The great thing about a duty belt is that you can carry a lot of gear and you don’t need to worry about concealing it. When we put on street clothes, we need much of the same gear we carry on duty, but now we need to conceal it and carry it comfortably...

SureFire also offered the Backup lights with various switching configurations.  My first model had a dual-light capability with high (80 lumens) and low (5 Lumens) output.  I also have a single output Backup that has 120 Lumen output.  Those of you who have been paying attention might know that the original Backup light was cataloged as the E1B, the latest model is a slight variation called the EB1.

As I put pen to paper the current EB1 Backup from SureFire is a dual output white LED flashlight.  The high setting is a whopping 200 Lumens.  Yes, 200 Lumens on a single battery.  The low setting is 5 Lumens for reading, etc.  The beam is a fixed focus.    

The EB1 is 4.4 inches long and 1.1 inches wide at the bezel end.  Construction is aluminum and a two-direction utility clip in included.  Naturally, a tailcap switch is used to activate the light.  Modern Backup lights can be had in anodized black, desert tan, or silver.

Parting Thoughts

While I’ve been carrying the SureFire Backup every day for going on five years now, I am certainly impressed by the Brite-Strike Executive.   Both lights provide ample light for a tactical application and are so light and compact as to offer little to no excuse for not having a light on your person anytime you are wearing clothes.  As for an alternate use of force, the tough aluminum construction of both lights gives your strikes much greater impact.  

There you have it folks, two extremely well-built lights that easily qualify for off-duty carry.  The hard part is now making the choice between the two.  But that’s up to you.  Check out  and


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