What's in Your Fitness Tool Box?

The weather has been cold, the call volume has been high and at this point your back is flat out sore. The shift ends and as you get home your back is getting consistently tighter. So like most folks you pop a couple of Motrin...

Foam rollers come in various shapes, and sizes and densities.  Some are rather soft and some are very hard.  Depending on what you are able to tolerate use the foam roller just as you would with a tennis ball, seek and destroy but this time you are laying on it.  Only with the foam roller we want to think about massaging the tissue, not just holding consistent pressure.  The foam roller is out right awesome for pre shift and pre-shift exercise.  It’s quick, efficient and gets the tissue loose ultimately reducing your chance of injury while helping you feel and move better.

I have provided a trigger point chart showing some of the more common trigger points that you can target, we have covered using the foam roller in previous articles but its importance cannot be understated so I thought to review it again here.

It never ceases to amaze me as I travel around the country teaching officers, firefighters, EMT’s and tactical operators how to perform better and stay injury free what a powerful tool these two devices are.  In almost every class as we start teaching tennis ball self-care techniques we get laughed at because the tennis ball symbolizes exercise and sport.  When we get done teaching the self-care techniques and the officers have felt how efficient and effective the technique Is  the energy in the room has noticeably changed; plus in many of them we will have relieved a pain they have lived with for many years in less than a minute.  Now instead of laughing at the tennis ball many of the officers quietly pull out a pen and write their name on their new best friend.


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