Ammo Shortage Solutions: One Box Workout™

If you consider the current situation rationally without the bias of emotion or paranoia, a shortage of any product historically takes place after some unforeseen event. As these words are penned we are experiencing the largest customer surplus in the...

Reload your handgun and repeat the first drill only this time fire all rounds using your strong/dominant hand only.  Again, take your time and focus on solid marksmanship fundamentals.  One of the keys to success when shooting single-handed is to ensure your wrist is locked.

Step 3

Continue your practice session.  Reload your handgun and fire the next exercise using your support/off hand only.  Again, focus intently on your front sight and be sure your trigger press is smooth and deliberate.  Lock your wrist so the gun doesn’t flail about.

Step 4

We now move on to holster drills.  With your handgun loaded and holstered, smoothly draw and engage the target.   Fire two shots and then slowly and hesitantly re-holster.   Never race back to the holster, GO SLOW.  Repeat the drill until the gun is empty.

Step 5

Download your magazines to three or four rounds.  Begin with a partially loaded handgun.  Engage the target until the gun runs dry and reload.   Repeat the drill two or three more times.  If you are using a revolver this is more difficult but can be accomplished with speed-loaders or quick-strips.

This last exercise should take to right around fifty rounds.  If you have ammunition remaining, be honest with yourself and repeat whichever drill was the most difficult.  We don’t improve by doing what we’ve mastered.  We improve by working on the areas that are difficult.   Try the One Box Workout™ the next time you’re at the practice range.  It’s a great way to make the most of your available time and ammunition.


About the Author

Paul Markel has been a firearms industry writer for twenty years and is the author of the new book “Student of the Gun; A beginner once, a student for life.”  Paul hosts and produces “Student of the Gun” a show dedicated to education, experience, and enjoyment of firearms.  Episodes of SOTG can be viewed by simply going to www.studentofthegun.comand clicking the “play” icon.


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