Ever thought of a new product?

Your locker has a few key pieces of equipment vital to the duty shift, from traffic patrol to the entry team. Among them at least one pair of shoes, a uniform shirt, and other gear approved for duty.

We receive hundreds of new product announcements each month. In our time reading these press releases, we've learned a welcome majority of the new innovations come from concepts and suggestions by officers like you. You’ll find these represented within the pages of our print magazines, LEPN and LET, as well in our directory “Property Room.

Perhaps the idea of locking a pair of handcuffs to a purpose-built belt came from a fellow LEO. Others may have been inspired by a designer then adapted for our tactical world. 

There’s even a good chance that you have a suggestion yourself.

There are boards of law enforcement officers putting their opinions for the patrol vehicles you'll be driving tomorrow (or are already) ... there are meetings in the mountains and during trade shows discussing new innovations for the duty gear you wear every day (we've sat in on a couple) ...  - your opinion counts!

Let us know!

Email us at LEPN@cygnus.com. Describe your idea, draw us a picture, take a photo, record a quick video, write us on Facebook, send us a tweet—LEPN might even include a few of your ideas in a future issue!

If requested and possible, your anonymity will be respected.