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Otis Technology Deluxe Law Enforcement System

Have you ever been out on the street and said to yourself, “I need to clean my pistol,”?  I have more than once and it was usually after being out in a really bad rain shower or in the snow with salt spray coming up off the road.  On one occasion when I was with the Military Police I was running between a couple buildings to a barracks fight, tripped, and slid in the grass like I was sliding head first in to home plate.  After it was all over, I noticed that I had dirt caked in to the hammer area of my M9.  Of course the other guys on the shift gave me a good ribbing for that one.

That was one of those moments I needed to clean by pistol as soon as possible.  Since I was in a garrison environment it wasn’t any trouble to go back to the MP station and clean my pistol but what if I had been in a rural area or not able to return to the station for some reason?  It would be one of those times when it would be a good idea to have a cleaning kit in your patrol bag or trunk.  For me, my cleaning kit at the time was a small tackle box.  It wasn’t something you wanted to cart around with you especially since we were car hopping every day.

Otis Technology solved the issue of bulky cleaning kits with their high quality, compact gun cleaning kits and systems.  I recently picked up the Deluxe Law Enforcement System.  This is a kit that will take care of all the most popular caliber weapon systems that law enforcement are using today.  You can maintain your 9mm up through your .45 Auto.  The trusty 12 gauge shotgun is also covered as well as your .223 or .308 caliber rifles.  For AR-15 users, there’s also a chamber brush.  You’ll find other items like an AR-15 tooth brush, sectioned rods, various straight and angled picks and scrapers, a small detailing brush, slotted tips for patches, a tube of cleaner/lubricant, 8 and 30 inch Memory-Flex cables for chamber to bore cleaning, patches, and an orange bore reflector.

All of this comes in a 4 x 4 x 2 ½” zipper closure, nylon case with a belt loop attachment on the back.  Having all this in such a small kit is great.  You can easily slip it in to a patrol bag or a bug out bag for our civilian readers.  Due to the small size of the kit, it limits the amount of supplies you can keep in the case obviously so for those who have this in mind for a bug out bag, you should have additional lubricant and patches stowed somewhere.

Otis has different kits for hunters, sport shooters, and the military as well.  They also have replacement supplies available for those who use up the expendable items, lose or damage items.  Don’t worry about the damaged parts too much, Otis has a limited lifetime warranty on their products which is detailed on the Otis Technology website along with available discounts for law enforcement, military, and firearms instructors with proper credentials.  Video tutorials on how to use Otis products are also available.  Otis Technology has a Cage code, GSA Contract, and NSN #’s on numerous products for military and government sales.

With all the great products and support available from Otis to make weapons maintenance easy, there’s no excuse for you to be carrying an improperly maintained firearm.  While we are on the subject, here are some times when you might want to perform weapons maintenance:

  • After shooting your firearm.
  • After your firearm has been exposed to inclement weather.
  • Every 30 days regardless of use or exposure to weather.
  • Whenever you think it might be warranted.


An MSRP of $69.99 for the Deluxe Law Enforcement System may seem a little high when compared to a standard kit you might purchase from a local store but, you get more cleaning equipment from Otis for more calibers in a small package that is lightweight and easily carried.