A Chief's Legacy

Most think this job is for the prestige, others get it bestowed upon them and some do it for the real reasons. But, what are today’s chiefs really doing for the vocation or are they in the business for themselves?


Yes, I have had a few under my tutelage that have gone forth to become chiefs or commanders. I am very proud of each of them. Have I made enough, no way! One of the biggest obstacles is that your bright shining stars have the moxie to be a chief. Some may try to hold them back, no do not leave me; it is dangerous here in chiefland. What they are doing is holding them back and hedging their own safety.  The obstacles that get in the way of a first round draft pick for chief are the great collateral risks involved. The house is about paid for, the kids are situated in school, you have close friends, family and the spouse has a great job. To move now is truly a leap of faith and disrupts the lives of many, is it really worth it? What I tell you is that it takes a lot to encourage one of your best to try their wings and leave your department and go out on their own. This can affect you and your current situation. Never hold back one of your climbing stars, they will make you proud some day, as I hope I have made my old mentor. 


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