What if it were my Child?

In the shadow of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, the thought of losing my child to violence is too awful to contemplate. On the other side, the thought of having my child commit the atrocity is just as horrible.

As I watch the media, politicians and society try to find a reason behind the senseless killings in Newtown, I can’t help but feel most of the dialogue is based in fear. If we don’t find something to blame, some key that we will be able to identify before it happens next time, we are left feeling helpless. It means we live in a senseless world where evil can happen to good people anywhere at any time. That is the reality. Those of us in helping professions, including juvenile justice can’t bury our heads in the sand or give up in despair regardless. We have to continue working together to keep things as safe as we can with sensible policies, rules and regulations. And mostly we have to keep functioning in society. We will continue to go to the movies and to the mall. We will continue to send our kids to school. We need to assist those who need mental health services and help identify those who might be struggling. We need to act swiftly when faced with the darkness that exists in the world. I still haven’t made the choice between whether I would rather be the mother of a victim or the mother of the perpetrator. I don’t think I will ever be able to answer that. Hopefully I will never have any experience to decide one way or the other. Be safe and hug your loved ones. I know I am.


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