Selecting The Better K9 Handler

I have always believed that a police officer should have several attributes: honest, courteous, respectful, dependable, professional, and in decent physical shape. When it comes time for police administrators to select an officer to be a canine handler...

These are all things that must be considered.  Last, should be a physical agility course.  This should be utilized to weed out those that are not physically fit for the position.  Typically a working canine can run faster and longer than most people, but why have a handler that is going to be out of the chase after 100 yards.  Most of the time the handler will be holding the canine back from its full running potential, but there is a big difference between slowing the canine down a bit and taking it out of the chase.  If the final selection comes down to someone who is physically fit or someone that is overweight, I would be selecting the physically fit candidate.

The ultimate goal is to select the best candidate to be a canine handler.  No matter the size of the agency, we have all seen the good ol’ boy system; don’t let your agency fall into that trap, it isn’t in the best interest to the agency, officers or the community.

Stay Safe!


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