The Importance of Perspective – Part II

Since 1991 crimes rates have actually dropped to levels comparable to those of the late sixties, and with a murder rate second only to those of 1962 and 1963. So why does the fantasy that crime is “out-of-control” persist?

Other judgments of society – whether its morality and values have weakened, for instance – are necessarily subjective.  Likewise are concerns over generational differences (a debate going on for millennia) and other issues for which there are widely varied opinions.  How you view the ways of a different generation or the prevailing morals, values, and practices of society depends largely on your own personal worldview and personality. 

The risk for those who find themselves at odds with those ways is how easily they can assume a fatalistic view.  And that poses a significant danger to those are prone to that fatalism.  The trick to staying emotionally healthy – to maintaining a healthy perspective – is learning how to sift the facts from the fantasy and base your point-of-view on them.  Our next and final article on this topic of perspective will provide some strategies to help you do just that.


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